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About Smint Technologies

Smint Technology Pty (LTD) is a supplier of Energy savers lamps (CFL and LEDs). We provide services all over South Africa. We believe in an eco-friendly environment. Our aim is to help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources by selling environmentally friendly products.

Our mission is to do business with integrity at all times and help with the economic growth of the country by providing competitive pricing to small businesses, contractors and resellers to increase their ability to do well in business and to maximise their profits to help build better families, better communities and ultimately a better country.

Our vision is to impact the communities around us by creating sustainable jobs and equipping them to take back their God given dominion and once again reign in life.

Contact Us

Alonzo Mei
Tel: (021) 713 4778
Cell: (+27) 82 520 2021
Skype: alonzo.mei


We have new products coming soon!

Contact Us

Melissa Mei
Tel: (021) 713 4778
Cell: (+27) 71 444 2757
Skype: melissa.mei2

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